Apprenticeship rules (v3) & rates (v2)

        For beginners and experts in apprenticeship funding, his workshop will focus on all the important features of the funding formula, rules and

        About this Event

        This is a popular workshop so extra dates added. Here’s some feedback from previous workshops: Karen Murphy-Ryan, Head of Apprenticeship Delivery from Coventry College wrote: “As usual extremely informative and well worth attending” Jacqui McIntosh, Apprenticeship BDM from VTCT wrote: “Good event, Nick was very informative and gave great advice, with regards to funding and the issues around funding.”Dean Craggs, MIS Consultant from FE Associates wrote: “Excellent. It informed me of the key points I need to know regarding apprenticeship funding. very useful and highly recommended.”It’s very practical training with lots of worked examples (for providers accessing levy credit and non-levy funding). Delegates will also receive a copy of Nick’s updated Apprenticeship Funding Calculator (2020/21 edition), which helps profile starts from 1 August 2020. So join Nick Linford, author of the Complete Guide to Funding Apprenticeships, for this technical and in-depth practical workshop.


        1. Apprenticeship policies update
        2. Apprenticeship rules update (v3)
        3. Funding formula and profiling (v2)
        4. Dynamic apprenticeship funding calculator
        5. Final funding clinic Q&A
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        • Start Date
          17th March 2021 10:00 am
        • End Date
          17th March 2021 12:30 pm
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