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    A Gold Membership is the ultimate way to ensure that you and your colleagues are always fully briefed and ahead of the game, plus you’ll have access to great discounts on all our events and conferences! Membership costs £399 per annum.

    Gold Membership includes:

    • 5 digital edition licenses of Schools Week & FE Week
    • Access to all Lsect event materials and resources (PowerPoints etc)
    • 1/3 off all Lsect training events (average saving of £98!)
    • 40% off tickets to the Annual Apprenticeship Conference (saving of £220 on full conference tickets)
    • 40% off tickets to the Festival of Education (saving of £60 on full Festival tickets.

    (Event discounts are only available once per event, additional discounts can be purchased for the year at £99 per person)

    To make a request for a gold membership, email or to arrange online click on the button below.